Thursday, January 10, 2013

Broiled Tilapia

This recipe is super easy and only 3 weight watchers points!

Spray a baking dish.
Season tilapia fillets to taste (I used salt, pepper, oregano, & garlic)
Pour lemon juice over fillets.
Broil for 5+ minutes (until flaky in middle when cut with a fork)

I also had mixed veggies as a side for this meal.  This was my first time using frozen veggies for the most part.  I live alone so if I buy a bunch of veggies, they often go bad before I can eat them all so I've decided to try the frozen route, at least during the winter.  I got a bag of mixed veggies.  I mixed together some soy sauce and lemon juice and poured them over the veggies before serving.  Veggies, soy sauce, and lemon juice are all 0 points so my whole meal was only 3 weight watchers points (allowing me a glass of wine with dinner and a cookie for dessert:)).

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