Friday, June 1, 2012

Sage Chicken Breast & Parmesan Balsamic Roasted Green Beans and Mushrooms

Tonight I made a delicious dinner!  I took a pic of my meat and side dish together so this post is a 2-in-1 deal ;-). 

I'm attempting a little container gardening on the balcony of my apartment and one of the things I am growing is sage. 

I also have a bunch of chicken breasts in my freezer from a Market Day order thanks to my mom so I did a little Pinterest search and found this recipe for Sage Chicken Breasts.  My pictures never turn out as well as the pictures beside the recipes, but as long as it still tastes good, who cares, right?

An hour before I wanted to start cooking I salted and peppered my breasts, my chicken breasts that is... and marinated them in the fridge in a mixture of garlic infused olive oil, lemon juice, and sage leaves.

After an hour I put 4 Tbsp of butter and 3 of garlic infused olive oil into a pan on medium heat.  Once it started to bubble I added the chicken breasts (save sage leaves and marinade sauce) and cooked them on one side.  The recipe says to cook for 8, but my chicken breasts were really thin so it didn't take that long.  Just watch them and make sure they don't start to burn. 

Once one side was cooked I flipped them over and put the sage leaves in the butter oil in the pan (not on the chicken).  When the sage leaves turn dark green/brown take them out and put them on a paper towel (or a few as they are pretty oily).  As they dry the will get crispy.

When your chicken is cooked through remove the chicken from the pan and add the marinade to the pan stirring it for around a minute.

Serve the chicken with some spoonfulls of the sauce and the sage leaves sprinkled over.

For my side dish I used another Pinterest find-  I trimmed my green beans and cut them in bite size pieces.  I cut my mushrooms in 1/2" slices.  I mixed together garlic infused olive oil and balsamic vinegar and poured it over the mushrooms and green beans in a bowl (ok, that's not true, I seperately poured them over, then mixed everything together b/c I forgot to the oil & vinegar together first, it still worked fine!).  Then I spread out the beans & mushrooms on a baking sheet and baked them in the oven.  Bake until green beans are crispy and mushroom juices have evaporated.  When done serve seasoned with salt and pepper and sprinked with parmesan cheese. 

Yummy meal I had tonight for sure!!!

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