Thursday, May 3, 2012

Curry Fried Rice

I'm terrible at figuring out the right measurements for rice in my rice cooker so I normally end up with leftover and let's be honest, rice after the first day just isn't that good, so I started making fried rice with it and now make extra rice on purpose.

To make fried rice I lightly scramble some eggs (amount depending on the amount of rice you are frying).  You don't want them too dry because you will be adding them to heat again at the end.

Remove the eggs from the pan and add oil to the pan.  At this point it depends on what you plan to put in your fried rice.  I like to put onions & veggies in it so I often saute those for a little bit then add the rice and stir-fry for a couple minutes.  After that I add soy sauce and once all of that is properly heated I add the eggs back in.

One night I didn't know what I'd be making for dinner so opened the fridge and freezer and ended up with this-

We had a Red Thai Curry Sauce from Trader Joe's so I made some tilapia in that.  I wanted to make curry rice and wasn't sure if that was possible to do in a rice cooker, but decided to find out.  I added curry seasoning to the rice cooker and yep, it worked!  Also had some store-bought chapati from the Indian grocery.

And as usual I had leftover rice so this time I made curry fried rice the next day!  Just as easy and ymmy as the regular!

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