Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Lentil Soup

I have some Arabic friends and one day decided to make a familiar meal for them.  I made falafel and lentil soup.  I copied the falafel recipe from a magazine at the people I worked for's house. I of course do not now remember the magazine so I'm going to hold off posting about that until I can remember the magazine or find a similar recipe to what I used. 

I don't remember where I got the recipe for the lentil soup, but I do know it was the same as the one here: http://www.redbookmag.com/recipefinder/lemony-red-lentil-soup-with-cilantro-recipe

Cook onions in oil until soft
Add red lentils & chicken broth and bring to a boil
Once boiling reduce to a simmer and cook until lentils are soft
The recipe says to puree 1/2 the soup in a food processor, but I don't have one so I did it in the blender
Put that back in with the rest of the soup & add lemon juice

I then cleaned out the blender and pureed in it cilantro with olive oil & salt

Drizzle the cilantro puree in the soup when served

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