Tuesday, May 1, 2012


I used to say all the time "I don't cook." Mac & Cheese (boxed!) and sometimes spaghetti was about the extent of what I could make. I also didn't like to cook. Or so I thought. One day my roomie (who also "didn't cook") and I just decided we wanted to try to cook something together. We randomly chose a meal and it was such a success I figured out cooking wasn't that hard and it was fun! Since then I've cooked a variety of things and now LOVE to cook. I am by no means a professional, or even super good at it, but I have been pretty successful! Like I said though, I'm not a professional. I started out strictly following the recipes I would choose to use, but lately have been experimenting more, making up my own or adjusting ones I find. It still takes me about twice as long as it should to make something, I don't know the proper cooking techniques, I don't have fancy kitchen ware, etc, but I'm having fun and enjoying my edible endeavors.

I created a "Food" album on my facebook to showcase my edible endeavors and have received a lot of good feedback so decided to put it to a blog. This won't be one of those Martha Stewart-esque blogs with fancy creations & professional looking pics with spot-on directions on how to create edible masterpieces that get a million pins on Pinterest. This is just a simple showcase of an amateur's edible endeavors and the joy I've found in them.

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